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Pre-Construction is a crucial phase that involves thorough planning, budgeting, and scheduling to ensure successful project outcomes. By engaging in pre-construction services, clients can benefit from accurate cost estimates, reduced risks, and improved project efficiency.

Project Management

Project management is crucial for successful construction projects. It involves planning, organizing, and controlling resources to achieve project goals within the defined constraints.

Construction Management

Construction management is a strategic approach that ensures projects are completed on time and within budget. It involves coordinating resources, managing schedules, and overseeing all aspects of the construction process.

Our Comprehensive Project Approach Ensures Success from Start to Finish


At HGR Construction we feel that the Pre-Construction phase of the project is the single most critical phase of the job. During this phase, we will work to provide a detailed analysis of the project and we will establish project expectations along with our Clients.


During the Construction phase, the Project Management team works together with the Client, Architect, Building Officials and Subcontractors to ensure the project is built correctly, safely, on schedule, and on budget.


During the close out phase the Project Management team works with the Client, Architect, Building Officials, Subcontractors, and Accounting Department to ensure all documents are properly done, warranties are issued and as-builts are produced.


During the warranty period, should any issues arise, they will be sent to our office for investigation and management of the appropriate trade to correct the defect in a timely manner to ensure expectations of the Client are met.

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“Working with HGR Construction was a game-changer for our project. They delivered exceptional results within our budget and timeline.”

John Doe

Project Manager, ABC Company

“HGR Construction's attention to detail and commitment to quality surpassed our expectations. We highly recommend their services.”

Jane Smith

CEO, XYZ Corporation

“We were impressed by HGR Construction's professionalism and ability to handle complex construction challenges. They are a reliable partner.”

David Johnson

CFO, 123 Industries

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